OSP works
Civil Infrastructure:

  • Telephone Network Hand hole / Manhole Installation
  • Telephone UPVC pipe Installation
  • Telephone UPVC Lead-In pipe Installation
  • Telephone HDPE Sub duct Installation
FOC Installation
  • Cable & Fiber Pulling
  • Splicing & Testing
  • Termination
  • Commissioning of FTTH Network
IN Building Solutions -- 8 Sites
  • Site Surveys ; Site designs
  • Supply of IBS antennas, Feeder Cables, Connectors and other GSM Ancillaries.
  • Installation; Commissioning and integration of the IBS sites.
  • Internal and External Works for Huawei: including installation of Indoor,BTS, M/W, rectifiers with Battery Banks and all related works. 
Civil Works -- 10 Sites 
  • Site Surveys; Site designs
  • Foundation and Erection of Roof top sites
  • Foundation and Erection of Green Field sites.