Since 2013 providing Comprehensive Turnkey Infrastructure Work for GSM Sites including
Site Acquisition

  • Site Surveys
  • Negotiations with the Owners
  • Consultant Reports 
  • Site Documentations
Civil Works - 15 Sites 

  • Supply and Installations Roof Top Towers:  Roof top guyed mast towers, Wall Mounted Poles and Self Supporting - None Penetrating Poles
  • Supply  and  Installations of Monopoles - 25 M /  30 M
  • Greenfield/Dessert Towers - 36 M
  • Equipment Containers: Fitted with Air conditioners, Fire Protection Systems, Electrical Power Systems and Lighting, Cable Trays and Earthing Systems
  • Site Fencing (including Foundations and Leveling) and All Associated Civil Works
  • Completed till now approx. 15 Sites.